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Thoughts on Public Faith

Moses Speaks to the Israelites

In a recent teaching (Part 1, Part 2), my friend Mark Sampson, explains how, through history, Christianity has become a faith of the individual. As a result of events like the Enlightenment have lost the communal dynamic of our faith. It has become a personal, interior faith, that is no longer lived out in a social context. As an individual today Faith has little place in my work, my studies and my play. I am expected to have my 15 mins with God each day and maybe some with the community of believers on Sundays and Wednesday evenings. My spiritual focus is on my “quiet times;” my times alone with God. My prayers (mostly) revolve around my decisions, my direction and my needs.

The Israelites, chosen to bless the world, didn’t live their faith out as individuals. They were a people, a community and God was THEIR god. God was their King (for a while). He was committed to them, and they were to Him (for a while). He was at the centre of every aspect of their culture, social, and economic framework (for a while). 

As a Christian today, how can I live more as if God is OUR God and not just MY God. I’m not sure. But, he’s a challenge to any of you who are worshipers: What does worship look like if not longer a individual faith? Today at Church I couldn’t help but notice how me-ish the songs were. I couldn’t help but wonder what songs we would write with a different kind of faith.



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Keep Moving Forward

I get that title from the movie “Meet the Robinsons.” It’s a kids movie, but it’s spot on in its overall message. So, I’m keeping moving on..

I’ve been challenged by a series of lectures (God and the Domains, God and your Future) by Patrick Dodson, a former(?) YWAMer and thinker. 

He talks about knowing the theology of your field and outlines some steps to constructing a framework to understand God through what you are doing. It’s made me think about my views of technology and realise that I really don’t have a strong understanding. I have a passion, I have awe and excitement, but I don’t have a complete insight to God’s purposes in Technology, especially not the way Patrick talks about. He makes it sound so exciting by describing how in the process of constructing a framework for story you learn about God and His character. 

I was intrigued in thinking about what would happen if I applied that process to working at the store. What would God have to say about that Job? And would that understanding impact my work and my relationships with my co-workers and customers? What would be the overall effect?


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