Keep Moving Forward

I get that title from the movie “Meet the Robinsons.” It’s a kids movie, but it’s spot on in its overall message. So, I’m keeping moving on..

I’ve been challenged by a series of lectures (God and the Domains, God and your Future) by Patrick Dodson, a former(?) YWAMer and thinker. 

He talks about knowing the theology of your field and outlines some steps to constructing a framework to understand God through what you are doing. It’s made me think about my views of technology and realise that I really don’t have a strong understanding. I have a passion, I have awe and excitement, but I don’t have a complete insight to God’s purposes in Technology, especially not the way Patrick talks about. He makes it sound so exciting by describing how in the process of constructing a framework for story you learn about God and His character. 

I was intrigued in thinking about what would happen if I applied that process to working at the store. What would God have to say about that Job? And would that understanding impact my work and my relationships with my co-workers and customers? What would be the overall effect?



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2 responses to “Keep Moving Forward

  1. Ben

    great thoughts, I look forward to hearing what happens as you apply it.

    For me a lot of the theology of social media/technology revolves around the connections you can make with other people through it and the fact that “it is not good for him [people] to be alone.” I wonder too if there is some of the genesis mandate of filling the earth, subduing it and acting in the image of creative God.

  2. matt0ne

    That’s a great thought. Not a connection that I had made before.

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