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Missions and Money

I’m in an interesting place right now. People around me (my wife mainly) have been talking about a new approach to missions. The traditional support network apparently isn’t so much for our generation or for these times. We need to look beyond that and beyond just our financial needs and see how we can connect with the community around us in a way that goes beyond “traditional” ministry. You can only impact so many people during 9-5, cause most of them are at work.. interesting conundrum. Its seems that there is a lot that can be done as you work within smaller communities at work.

The connecting place for me, at least the most obvious, is in the area of web-development. The problem is, and hence my interesting place, is that I have never had actual training in this. I’ve taught myself everything and my knowledge is, i’m sad to say, sketchy. I’m not confident. If I want to find some work with a company, I really need to know my stuff – I literally need to kick ass at what I do (but I don’t).

But, I have been learning PHP, a language that enables you to develop interactive sites that are dynamic. Most blogs and social networks around are built on php. Its a power language. I just don’t know if I have time to get really good at it, or if I should take a crash course!


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